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Wildflower Video

An outstanding informative and entertaining 51-minute DVD photo/video presentation is now available, featuring over 115 different local wildflowers that have been captured on camera in their natural setting throughout the growing season, along with a few short video clips and glimpses of scenic views and activities of the local people. Click for more info.


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The next meeting is February 21st.

Reservations Required. Contact us if you do not receive an invitation.

"We are so pleased to have such a high level of interest in our programs. Due to this, it is very important that you make luncheon reservations so that we have an accurate head count. If seating is not available, please be sure to contact one of the board members so that we can be sure that you are seated. There's always room for one more."


Dear Sr Briones,
On behalf of myself and Judie Keck, President of the Lake Chapala Garden Club, we would like to thank you for signing the contract to start work on the club's commemorative mural of its last 40 years, on the wall of your store ( seen here) in Ajijic's Plaza. The artist is Isidro Xilonzochitl
Seen above, Senor Juan Manual Macias Briones and Judie Keck.
Yours sincerely
Rosemary Grayson
B.A. Hons. Econ., J.P.(Justice of the Peace) .
Director Public Relations
The Lake Chapala Garden Club

The Lake Chapala Garden Club, founded in 1977, is a an organization that exists for the purpose of promoting an interest, appreciation and better understanding of botanical subjects, including but not limited to all plant materials, their care and use in the home and garden.

The Lake Chapala Garden Club resides in the village of Ajijic, on the shores of Lake Chapala, Mexico's largest fresh water natural lake.

We are an international garden club with members from many different countries. Our members and meetings explore the many garden species and practices unique to our area of Mexico.

Please contact us if you would like to join one of our meetings, on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, as our guest. We have a garden tour before our meeting followed by lunch, a raffle and a speaker. (cost of lunch not included)

Lake Chapala Garden Club
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